Thursday, April 9, 2009

HOW TO Buy U2 Tickets Without Getting Ripped Off By a Scalper

BOSTON—(Dec.4,2006) U2 perform their hit single “One” on the Vertigo Tour at the TD Banknorth Garden after welcoming several fans with different flags of the world on stage.

You’ve run. You’ve crawled. You’ve scaled these city walls only to be with U2. But you still haven’t found what you’re looking for: concert tickets that don’t drain your checking account or ruin your credit score. Ticket brokers in the business of buying up seats and reselling them at inflated prices make it almost impossible for fans to get good seats at their real value, the key word being almost.

U2’s 360 Tour is set to kick off in outdoor stadiums across Europe and America this summer. You don’t have to pay 400 bucks for nosebleed seats or mope around your living room playing air guitar like the Edge on the Elevation tour DVD. Here’s the secret to getting face value U2 tickets:

· Consider paying $50 to join the fan club. Members get access to message boards and presales which make it easier to nab great seats before shifty scalpers get at them in the general public’s sale date. It’s better to join before tour dates are officially announced because you’ll be in the earliest presale group. Although scalpers infiltrated this system as well by selling codes online or using them to buy up seats, it’s still your best opportunity to get face value tickets. Fifty dollars today can save you $350 the night before a show.

· Be aware of venue presales. Football team season ticket holders were emailed access codes for U2 ticket presales to future concerts at their stadiums. If you’re tight for cash, you can peruse the free general forum on for juicy tips and links to sites that list presale codes for free.

· Be ready online not on a line. The old days of camping outside a ticket window are over. Even if you’re near a Ticketmaster outlet, the seller is using the same system as you could at home. Whether you’re in the presale or the regular one, your computer is vital.

· If tickets go on sale at 10 a.m., be at the keyboard and on the U2 page of Ticketmaster’s website by 9:30 a.m. Refresh the page every ten minutes and at 30 seconds into 9:59.

· Register with to save time typing in your billing information.

· Choose your ticket amount and price range at lightning speed and click find tickets at the bottom. You can leave it on “best available” but the Ticketmaster site is notorious for its inconsistency and will only show one available option at a time. It’s better to shoot for the stars at the starting gate.

· When the “security check” screen pops up, type in the silly gibberish word exactly as it appears like your life depends on it and click continue.

· Don’t open multiple browsers thinking it will increase your chances because you might get blocked out completely. Ticketmaster knows that scalpers try to trick out the system and scoop up bunches of seats this way.

· Don’t give up. If you’re a slow typist and you didn’t time your clicks right, you still have a chance. Check the website throughout the day. Tickets pop up at strange times due to cancellations and credit card issues especially as the date of the show draws nearer.

· Peruse message boards. Hardcore fans tend to buy multiple tickets to various venues when they get the chance in the presale and public sale but can’t always use them all. Some look to sell or trade tickets at face value price and meet up at the venue to make the exchange.

· If you’re still empty handed and U2 is in your town, it’s time to find a line and call in sick from work. U2 holds back some tickets and releases them on concert dates at the venue’s box office. Get there as early as you can, preferably not later than noon. If a security guard tells you there is no line, don’t fall for it. Stick with the people in the vintage Joshua Tree Tour tees and Edge caps because they know the deal.

Links to save in your “favorites”: Official website of the band with tour announcements and dates U2’s page on Ticketmaster’s site where you can purchase tickets Venue presale codes for tons of artists and events get posted here, including U2. Check it before public ticket sale dates.